Buy Now, Pay Overtime 1000+ your best brands.transfer your fav meal.earn reward physical virtual line of credit.

get up to ₦200,000 in credit limit and pay back as low as ₦17 daily as interest. also get rewarded for using your credit and paying back promptly

we exist to help you thrive

Lucred provides unlimited cash back and reward points with no restrictions for shopping and repaying your credit. Credit has never been so rewarding!

Built to make credit seamlessly accessible

in 3 minutes and with few taps, you get access to a line of credit that you can spend at over 1000 merchants and pay us back as long as you want 🙂

we use the APR model to calculate your interest and allow you pick any payment due date that works for you,
best part is you get rewarded for all of these actions

How it Works

our application process is very fast and seamless. our approach to this is to make getting credit easy as logging into your bank mobile app

our application process is the fastest. we've cut out all the forms other lenders make you fill.

Get Approved

we analyze the data you provide to us in 2 minutes and you get approved faster than you can save a contact on your phone


spend your credit at our selected merchants. we have over 1000 of them both online and in-store. we are also constantly adding merchants to give you more options.


we use the APR model to calculate your interest and you can payback anytime. your interest is accrued daily and you still get rewarded for paying back

Easily Accessible Credit

Lucred exist to make credit easily accessible to consumers to fund their everyday expenses

Seamless Application

Lucred has the fastest and stress free application process. we make line of credit available in 3 minutes

Low Interest Rates

Lucred offers credit to its customers with low interest rates. We use the APR model, our rates are as low as ₦17 naira daily and can pay any day you choose

Are you a Merchant?

Get access to a platform that helps you to acquire more customers and increase sales by 40% with Lucred Pay.
Give your customer the option to buy from you and pay with flexibility without any effect on your cashflow.
Join over 1000+ pre-signed up merchant and enjoy mouth-watering benefits
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Lucred is a digital credit platform that gives you a line of credit with low interest rate that you can spend at over 1000 merchants and still get rewarded

Get answers to common questions about Lucred

What is Lucred?

Lucred is a digital credit platform that makes purchases affordable by offering you a shopping credit line that you can spend now and pay overtime. We exist to help you thrive by allowing buy the essential things you need!

Who can apply?

Lucred was made for everybody! We offer Credits to business owners, salary earners, students and many more.

What do i need to apply?

All you need to apply is your phone number, BVN, and banking credentials and you get approved in 2 minutes. As a fintech company, we ensure that all your information is stored securely with bank-grade security and that sensitive information is encrypted and governed strictly by our privacy policy.

What is the interest rate?

The interest rate is 3.0% monthly which arrives at 36% APR. We only accrue interest daily, so if you take a ₦100,000 credit today and pay back in 3 days you would be paying  ₦99*3 days as interest on the principal. Click here for more explanation

How much Credit can I get?

The minimum credit limit amount Lucred gives is ₦25,000 and the maximum loan limit is ₦200,000.

Kindly note that this limit is subject to periodic review.

Have more question?

We are here to answer any questions you have; send us an email to or reach us on any of our social platforms.

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